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Great experience – Marco was extremly helpful, the best customer service I ever experienced in an online shop. And most importantly: The FMT definetly helped me with my health struggles.


15 years ago, when I spent a long time abroad, I was given several courses of antibiotics in a row without thinking about it. In some countries these are prescribed quite quickly. Shortly after my return to the Netherlands I slowly started to develop symptoms, such as inability to tolerate milk, gluten, yeast and alcohol.… Read more »


Marco was very helpful and friendly throughout this process. I came to Amsterdam all the way from Canada and was in a bit of a rush to have it done. He delivered it himself the next day and stayed with me as I took them. Also giving me advice on how to follow up to… Read more »

Sas Hof

After I contracted food poisoning while on holiday in the tropics, intestinal complaints started. Bloating, hair loss, fatigue and later weight loss. Through the doctor I ended up with several gastroenterologists who could not help me and could not find a cause. I was told it was IBS and had to learn to live with… Read more »


Firstly, I would like to say that I experienced the contact with Marco (owner) as pleasant. He really takes the time for you. I took 1x DF5. My complaints were flatulence and I am sensitive to gluten and milk. I now notice that I pass far less gas and I can tolerate gluten and milk… Read more »

Frederik (Denmark)

My sincere thanks to you! (Marco and donor). Words cannot describe how grateful I am to finally be able to live a normal life. I’ve suffered from IBS for ~6 years now, with 3-15 loose bowel movements EVERY day, often with mucus too. The day I took the 24 FMT capsules, I felt an instant… Read more »

Caitlin (UK)

Marco is very helpful, honest, informative, responsive to emails and took time to speak with me on the telephone. The capsules, packaging and instructions arrived as described. I am 48 and have experienced daily bowel issues beginning in childhood: abdominal pain, bloating and distention, constipation, cramps, anxiety and sometimes diarrhea. I was previously diagnosed with IBS… Read more »


Due to many antibiotic treatments and health problems, I had a lot of intestinal complaints. I had been suffering from this for several years and had no idea how to solve the problem. Tried everything. About 2 months ago I took the capsules. After a few days I noticed an improvement and after a few… Read more »


I have suffered from allergies, eczema, histamine intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome all my life. After a lot of research, I knew this was related to my microbiome, and I was ready to try FMT. I didn’t dare to do it at first because I have a dangerous nut allergy. Marco was extremely helpful on… Read more »

Bethan Phipps

I was diagnosed this year with Ulcerative Colitis. In the last 5 months, I have been in a flare-up which gave me painful cramps, blood and slime in my stool, with about 15 trips to the wc per day and little to no energy. I was on a colitis diet up until and all through… Read more »

Theodoros Z

I received the DF3 which I believe has benefitted me, but I probably need more transplantations. Everything went well for me, no side effects. Marco is also very helpful, and answered all of my questions with care. Highly recommended!

Mike (Germany)
Darmflora 3

Marco is one of the greatest and best people, he listened to me, understood my problem and helped me. I quickly realized that he doesn’t care about the money, but about helping people. I am very grateful to him. We have tried different dispensers on me and it has improved. before that i visited a… Read more »


The liquid gold! For more than five years I have had a form of IBS that is related to histamine / mast cell complaints. Chronic intestinal complaints and being able to eat almost nothing without being bothered by it. Endlessly one diet, supplements and medication after another, nothing resulted in lasting improvement and less and… Read more »


Tests showed that I had no Akkermansia bacteria. Because of the enemas I noticed an effect within 2 weeks. Diarrhea disappeared and my stomach became calmer. New tests showed that I now have the Akkermansia bacteria! I am now much better in my own skin and no longer feel depressed. Marco genuinely wants the best… Read more »


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 12, I didn’t know what to expect, I had so much stomach pain I almost passed out. I got medication that was great for 1 year, after that I couldn’t go to school because I had to go to the toilet 16 times. My aunt and… Read more »

Christian (Germany)

I am Christian a 26 year old guy with gut problems like diarrhea, bloating and gut inflammations since 10 years. Since about 4-5 years I have brain fog and cfs. I used fmts from DF2 (Enterotype Bacteroides) because there is no medicine that helped me before. After I did the fmt a few days later I… Read more »

Sarah (USA)

My experience with Gezonde Darmflora was excellent. The company offers high quality customer service, all my questions were answered quickly and as a first time FMT user I felt very well taken care of throughout the process. I experienced immediate positive effects after the first FMT dose – great mood, better brain function, digestion very… Read more »

Diana Pisarenko (USA)

I have had noticeable benefits since day two. My appetite increased (in the past I struggled with bloating and feeling full after a couple bites of eating a meal) and I was able to add a couple food options I couldn’t eat before, my mood swings became a lot better, quality of sleep became noticeably… Read more »


In 2021 I did two transplants with the capsules, because of severe intestinal complaints that arose in 2010 after a 30-day course of antibiotics. The ordering and delivery process both went very smoothly. The capsules arrived at the agreed time and were very hygienically packed in dry ice. Due to very strict donor requirements, I… Read more »

Els van Leeuwen
Donor 'vegetarisch'

It has been almost a year since I swallowed the poo pills supplied by Marco Kleijn. What was not too bad for me, it sounds dirty but it isn’t… I’m very glad I did it, my intestinal flora is so much better! Before the pills I had too many problems with my stomach. Probably due… Read more »


From an early age I struggled with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I had poor tolerance for many nutrients, including herbs, spices, dairy products, and meat and carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and pasta. Through a tip from a friend I came into contact with the transplant technique of Marco, after an appointment I could go… Read more »

Elly de Jong

In 2015 I read a story by Marco Kleijn in the Haarlems Dagblad about his poo transplant. I was immediately interested because I had suffered from abdominal pain with a distended abdomen for almost 40 years and had tried everything to get rid of it. I was also always tired, especially when I got up.… Read more »


I am a 41-year-old woman and have had complaints of various kinds for quite some time. For years I had abdominal pain, always located in 1 place, left at the height of my navel (the place where your large intestine makes a twist). It started with a stomachache in that specific spot if I had… Read more »

Darmflora 1

My name is Ric and I am self-employed. In the early 90’s I had typhoid fever. My gut has always been sensitive after that. However, in the last 4 years this has deteriorated a lot, so that socially I started to avoid everything with food more and more. Always a lot of cramping, air and… Read more »


I consumed 1 dose of capsules 4 weeks ago and I have steadily improved as time has gone by. The frequency and strength of abdominal pain and diarrhoea has decreased and I have seen improvement in my immunity. I have read it takes 6 to 12 weeks for the new bacteria to fully take hold… Read more »


I have had abdominal complaints for years, too fast bowel movements, often going to the toilet with often loose stools. I also suffer from insomnia a lot. After research it turned out that I was producing far too little melatonin. (this is made from serotonin, which is produced in the intestines). I have regularly had… Read more »


It seemed to have a positive effect.

Ria Wagenaar

Unfortunattely for me it was not the result I wish for.

Donor 'vegetarisch'

I know Marco from the past, from the time when I was still healthy and carefree through life!! Long evenings out, eating and drinking whatever I felt like! After years our paths crossed again and we started talking. I told him about my health problems, mainly fatigue, stomachaches from morning to night and countless allergies… Read more »

Annelies Goedbloed
Darmflora 1

HOPEFUL. On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, I will receive FMT together with my son between 11 am and 12 noon. That day I can ‘throw away’. Tiredness predominates. I’m getting nowhere. I decide to delete all my appointments from my calendar and turn on Netflix with a cup of tea and a blanket. At the… Read more »

Darmflora 1

After years of intestinal problems (IBS and parasites) and having tried many things (GP, internist, dietician, etc.) I ended up on the Gezonde-darmflora website. Partly thanks to antibiotics to eradicate the parasites (in vain), my gut biome was severely out of balance. Since taking the poo capsules, now 4 weeks ago, I notice that this… Read more »

Darmflora 1

I believe in the effect of the so-called poo transplant, although I have not noticed a very convincing effect myself. I thought it was worth a try. Unfortunately I have no money left to order it again or try another donor. I really like the fact that it is possible to order it yourself and… Read more »


Tried both donors, didn´t feel or see any difference in my health problems unfortunately, but i´ve had a lot of antibiotics in my life so that probably plays a part.


Of course I was alert about online scams and misleading advertising. But the need was so great (I have many bowel-related complaints), that I took a chance and ordered a dose, partly because Marco quickly removed the doubt through his honest and open contact with me. Then I was afraid of a bad or late… Read more »

Wim Backhaus
Darmflora 1

Unfortunately no improvement in my complaints. ☹️

N huydts
Darmflora 1

Unfortunately, the pills had no effect. Taken 3 weeks ago now.