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For a well-functioning immune system

Poop transplant, the natural way to get rid of your intestinal complaints.

There is a good chance that complaints can arise because the intestinal flora is ‘out of balance’. This means that bacterial species are missing or underrepresented. Other species, good or bad, get a change to (over)grow).

With a fecal transplant it is possible to improve your own gut bacterial ecosystem with someone else’s healthy intestinal bacterial species. This age-old phenomenon has been given a new look by means of gastro-resistant capsules. This new technique means you don’t have to go to a clinic and you don’t need a nasogastric tube or an enema. You will have it delivered to your home any week that suits you.

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Discover the natural possibility of a poo transplant.

Never take anything for granted, not even on this site. In addition to the information you gain here,  please make sure this is the right solution for you. do your own research and listen to your body.



Frederik (Denmark)

My sincere thanks to you! (Marco and donor). Words cannot describe how grateful I am to finally be able to live a normal life. I’ve suffered from IBS for ~6 years now, with 3-15 loose bowel movements EVERY day, often with mucus too. The day I took the 24 FMT capsules, I felt an instant… Read more »

Caitlin (UK)

Marco is very helpful, honest, informative, responsive to emails and took time to speak with me on the telephone. The capsules, packaging and instructions arrived as described. I am 48 and have experienced daily bowel issues beginning in childhood: abdominal pain, bloating and distention, constipation, cramps, anxiety and sometimes diarrhea. I was previously diagnosed with IBS… Read more »


Due to many antibiotic treatments and health problems, I had a lot of intestinal complaints. I had been suffering from this for several years and had no idea how to solve the problem. Tried everything. About 2 months ago I took the capsules. After a few days I noticed an improvement and after a few… Read more »