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For a well-functioning immune system

Have you tried everything to cure your intestinal complaints? can provide you with healthy intestinal flora with the potential to improve your digestive problems!

With a faecal transplant it is possible improve your own gut bacterial ecosystem with someone else’s healthy intestinal flora. This age-old phenomenon has been given a new look by means of gastro-resistant capsules. This new technique means you don’t have to go to a clinic and you don’t need a nasogastric tube or an enema. You will have it delivered to your home any Thursday that suits you.

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Discover the natural possibility of a poo transplant.

Never take anything for granted, not even on this site. In addition to the information you gain here,  please make sure this is the right solution for you. do your own research and listen to your body.



Sarah (USA)

My experience with Gezonde Darmflora was excellent. The company offers high quality customer service, all my questions were answered quickly and as a first time FMT user I felt very well taken care of throughout the process. I experienced immediate positive effects after the first FMT dose – great mood, better brain function, digestion very… Read more »

Diana Pisarenko (USA)

I have had noticeable benefits since day two. My appetite increased (in the past I struggled with bloating and feeling full after a couple bites of eating a meal) and I was able to add a couple food options I couldn’t eat before, my mood swings became a lot better, quality of sleep became noticeably… Read more »


In 2021 I did two transplants with the capsules, because of severe intestinal complaints that arose in 2010 after a 30-day course of antibiotics. The ordering and delivery process both went very smoothly. The capsules arrived at the agreed time and were very hygienically packed in dry ice. Due to very strict donor requirements, I… Read more »