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How it works: doing a fecal transplant yourself

Poop capsules are not drugs and have not yet been clinically proven as a treatment.
What you do with it after purchase is therefore entirely at your own risk.

Fecal transplant

A stool transplant or stool transplant is the transfer of healthy intestinal flora to a recipient. This is now possible at home using our new technology with gastro-resistant capsules.

Bacterial species that have disappeared or are underrepresented in your intestinal flora can be replenished by the donor.

The day of the fecal transplant

The morning you receive the 24 capsules ‘size 000 (the largest capsule there is) you should have an empty stomach. Keep the EPS box closed until you begin the transplant. Around noon (12:00 pm) you can swallow the capsules with water. Take the capsules immediately and do not let them thaw. After the last capsule, you dont’ eat for another two hours. Just a little water if you want. This way you give the new bacteria time to settle quietly in your intestinal wall. In cold weather, take a warm bath or curl up on the couch with a hot water bottle under the blanket and relax!

The week after the fecal transplant

The average success rate with one type of intestinal flora is 70%. If you notice something the next day and it gets a little better every day, then you have been helped with a dose. If you notice something in the first few days, but not enough, or if the complaints return later in the week, a second and in some cases a third dose is required. On average, a second one is ordered within a month if necessary. A third order occurs incidentally.

If you don’t notice anything at all during the first few days, the donor you have chosen is not the right one for you. Ordering the same intestinal flora again is therefore of no use.


We test the donors according to the rules of the Dutch Donor and Feces Bank in Leiden and the EU guidelines.

In addition to these requirements, we also select the donors based on the energy they radiate, they have a disciplined and stable life. Our donors are aware that their body is their temple, they need their body in good condition to achieve their goal. The donor donates at our location to make the processing process as fast as possible.

Potential donors are first given a QUESTIONNAIRE to fill in, then THE FAECES are tested and then the BLOOD . (click on the words to see them)

The donor is re-examined for faeces after one month!

Only then can an accumulated stock be released. If something is found, the stock is checked and destroyed from the day the pathogen is found. (With every donation, a sample is saved with which we can find out)

Processing Process

Capsules: In our hygienic room, the stool is sieved and mixed with 10% Sodium Chloride and 10% Glycerolum (Sodium Chloride is a saline solution that makes the bacteria better absorbed and Glycerolum is added to protect the bacteria when freezing). A transparent capsule is filled and a gastro-resistant capsule is placed around it. The capsules go into the freezer as quickly as possible. 1 Dosis = 24 capsules size ooo.

Enemas: With an enema, more sodium chloride are added to make the faeces more fluid. 3 Syringes of 55ml equals a serving of 24 capsules.


The capsules and enemas are stored in a lab freezer at –82 degrees.

Ordering and shipping process

The Netherlands:

Note: There are more and more delays. The standard box has therefore been adapted to a larger size and has dry ice for 3 days.

It is advised to receive the box first and to take a quick look or make sure that the jar of capsules is still under a good layer of dry ice. And then do the transplant the next day.

Please take into account additional delays if you order around commercial days (Black Friday, Father’s Day, etc.)

In our webshop you can indicate which donor (if there are several donors) you want and on which Wednesday you want to receive the capsules. The orders are packed every Tuesday afternoon at our location and collected by the courier. Your order will always be delivered by the courier on Wednesday before 12:00 (the Netherlands).

Note: Dry ice loses 15% of its volume in 24 hours!

You will receive a track and trace from the carrier the evening before delivery. Make sure you are at home on the day of delivery. We do not deliver packages to neighbors.

Do you live in the EU?

Then we have to ship in a larger EPS box and use another carrier, FedEx . In the EU you will generally receive the larger package within 48 till 72 hours.

On Tuesday evening you will receive a track and trace from the carrier. Make sure you are at home on the day of delivery. We do not deliver packages to neighbors.

We are completely dependent on the transport company with which we work with shipments. We don’t have any influence on delays..

Discount code

With your first order you will automatically receive 2 discount codes of 25 euros each. Meant to meet you if an intestinal flora does not work, or if you need a second or third.

You can enter these codes as a discount code with your 2nd order and with any third order within a year. After that, the code expires. If you order multiple portions at the same time, the discount will take effect automatically.


After a month you will receive an automatic email with a request for a review. If you order a second dose within a month, our request for a review will automatically shift by one month. This is not mandatory and can be anonymous if desired.

Pay attention!

An EPS box is filled with dry ice and sealed with our tape. Dry ice is a cooled carbon dioxide (CO2). Do not touch the dry ice (- 79 degrees) with your bare hands and always open the EPS box in the open air! Let the dry ice in the EPS box melt.

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