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Fecal transplant

As we learn more and more about our microbiome, the idea of ​​a fecal transplant (popularly called a poo transplant or stool transplant) suddenly doesn’t sound so crazy. Poo is full of bacteria from our intestinal flora and scientists have finally recognized that bacteria are essential for the functioning of the body. In Dutch hospitals, a faecal transplant is only used five to ten times a year. And only if all antibiotics don’t work. In America, a faecal transplant is performed in the hospital five to ten times a week. In the meantime, more and more clinics are being created abroad. Each with his own method. While it could also be a lot easier. Thanks to our new technology, you can do a faecal transplant yourself at home.

The importance of a rich intestinal flora.

You have 14 quadrillion bacteria in and around your body. 2000 species have been discovered so far. All with their own task. Everyone should have 600 species out of those 2000 of which 30 species are essential. The more of each species, the better your food is absorbed, for example, the better the tasks are done. If everything is well represented, your body functions optimally.

If species are missing, or if there is a species with too few men, other bacteria can partly take over the task. As a result, their task can be performed less effectively. Problems arise with your body that can go from bad to worse. Research shows that over the years, the Western lifestyle has already given us a less rich intestinal flora. Have you been aware of this for years, and have always been careful with your intestinal flora? Then you know that there will be an attack on that with that upcoming course of antibiotics. With this package you have the possibility to temporarily store your intestinal flora, to replenish after your cure.

What is a fecal transplant?

It is a natural and drug free method to repopulate your gut microbiome. Bacteria species that are insufficient or not present with you can be supplemented. If you can get the donor’s healthy intestinal flora into the intestinal system on an empty stomach, the bacteria will settle in the intestinal wall and colonize. The intestinal flora is restored to balance, the immune system will recover, so that the complaints resulting from an unhealthy intestinal flora can disappear. Leading scientists even speak of the ‘second brain’ or the ‘second genome’ that largely determines our health. In recent decades, researchers have found increasing evidence that not only environmental factors and genes play a role in diseases, but that the intestinal bacteria are equally, or perhaps even more, of influence.

We distinguish ourselves since 2014 by our  poop pills.

How does it work?

We at use the self-designed ‘capsules method’. Our gastro-resistant capsules do not open until they have passed the stomach. The stomach acid would otherwise kill a large part of the bacteria. Because the new and healthy intestinal flora runs through the entire intestinal tract, we believe that this is the best way for a poo transplant.

Only people with a SIBO (overgrowth off bacteria in the small intestine) logically go for an ENEMA first. An enema only enters the rectum, where 80% of the intestinal flora resides. With this method the new bacteria don’t pass the overgrown area in the small intestine.

People who took capsules with SIBO report discomfort like bloating. They make the SIBO worse..

Please note : Because there is no further research and therefore a transplant has not been clinically proven, the purchase of the poop capsules and what you do with them is entirely at your own responsibility. Therefore, read the terms and conditions carefully before signing them.


Why Poop Capsules?

At the end of 2014, the founder of healthy intestinal flora read a small article about the quality and quantity of donor feces, after storing donor feces in – 80-degree freezers. There had been serious investigation by JAMA network. The result was a minor difference with the good results via nasogastric tubes. The researchers found that freezing donor faeces did not affect its quality at all. The subjects who were given frozen poo by pill also benefited from the treatment. A big advantage is that the faeces of a good donor can be frozen in portions, and that a new donor does not have to be found and tested for every patient! This saves money and eliminates the need for a visit or trip. This method is not used in scientific studies.

Through this article, the founder saw at the end of 2014 not only an opportunity to tackle his bad intestinal flora , but also an opportunity to do a poo transplant himself. What did he actually need his doctor for in this process? Why was this never offered to him as a possible solution for his intestinal problems ? For the first time, he made the decision to tackle this himself. Two decades of drug use with the prospect of taking drugs for the rest of his life was unacceptable to him. Especially with the belief in natural treatments. And especially a poo transplant. A method with capsules that is much easier and more pleasant! And just comfortable at home.

What are your options?

If you’ve landed on this site, you’ve probably tried everything. The best the doctors could offer you was a cocktail of drugs or the removal of pieces of intestine. Or maybe you’ve been told that your problem is just in your head? Taking drugs for a lifetime is a difficult prospect to digest. Losing pieces of gut is a last resort. A stoma is the final station. Trying to boost intestinal flora recovery by introducing healthy bacteria into your infested gut is not a last resort. It’s an underexposed opportunity that has come to be in a left corner.

We are new in the Netherlands, with a unique method that is delivered to your home.

More and more clinics are opening abroad because the demand is high. Unfortunately they charge a lot of money for fmt and have a different testing protocol.

Research has finally started to look at the gut microbiota differently. This is now valued more abroad as an additional organ, a microbial part of the human body with an important role for the immune system and energy metabolism.

What diseases have been treated?

In recent years, experiments in the Netherlands have again been carried out with faecal transplants in hospitals via nasogastric tubes or enemas. Not many studies have been published through the official circuit yet. Although the existing studies show good results, this millennia old technique is still not ‘clinically’ proven. All studies are mainly focused on the hospital bacterium ‘clostridium difficile infection’. While an unhealthy intestinal flora is linked to many physical and even mental problems. The existing studies show that the clostridium difficile with antibiotic treatment has achieved a positive result in 30% of the cases. With a faecal transplant the scores were much higher, namely 80 to 95%!This does not mean that you are currently being treated for this infection with a fecal transplant. You will get this in exceptional cases and only if you have tried all antibiotics first.

According to a 2011 study, ulcerative colitis patients also improve from a poop transplant. All six patients in the study were found not to require any medications after the transplant. In 2008 Thomas Borody conducted research on patients with dangerous intestinal infections who also had Parkinson’s. The transplant intended to fight the infection also reduced the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

And perhaps these transplants can also help with other conditions. There are many conditions that are known to be related to our gut flora. In 2012, a study was done in Belgium, which showed that people with type 2 diabetes have different intestinal flora than healthy people. According to a 2013 study, the same was found to be true for obese people. Some are even talking about a treatment for eczema and autism.

Source: mens en gezondheid.

Also interesting to read! An article from Vrij Nederland by a doctor from the AMC from 2013, about the effect of poo transplants he performed in 2007!

FMT pills and alternatives


The enema method is often used in clinics. The donor poo is injected with an enema through the anus. Unfortunately, it is not possible to treat the entire intestinal tract with this method: you only reach part of the large intestine. With a colonoscopy you can get further into the intestine, but it will also increase the discomfort of the treatment.

Nasal tube

In their scientific research, hospitals use the nasogastric tube method, in which donor feces are introduced through a tube through the nose, esophagus and stomach. Before the transplant, the patient is given antibiotics and the patient’s bowel is flushed out with a laxative drink. The donor stool is sieved and, much more than with us, diluted with sodium chloride. This makes it extra liquid so that it can be injected into the intestine through a thin probe (tube) that runs through the nose to the small intestine. Occasionally, the colonoscopy method is tried. A tube is inserted through the anus as far as possible into the intestinal tract to introduce the donor feces.

These methods are not really pleasant to undergo. If you’re given the privilege of doing this. And why take antibiotics, an intestinal flora killer, in advance if I want to improve my intestinal flora?!

Shouldn’t your intestines be rinsed clean before taking the capsules?

No, this is not necessary with the capsules method. It is true that the emptier the intestines are, the more room there is for the new intestinal flora to properly settle in the intestinal wall.

If you still want to be ‘army’, there are the well-known means for that. A natural option is colon hydrotherapy, also known as high colonic irrigation.

Experiences and risks

There have been videos online for years of people who start cooking at home with their partner’s faeces or an acquaintance ‘who always lives so healthy’. There are two negatives stories online about poo transplants, and the first is that it maybe can kill you. That conclusion comes from the fact that someone has not tested the partner or acquaintance! Unfortunately, only 3% of the entire world population has a healthy intestinal flora. Now it is not the case that the other 97% all have problems. Most healthy people can live with a parasite. They usually don’t suffer from this! But if you use that stool as donor feces, it can have serious consequences for an extremely sick recipient, who dont have that pathogene yet,  and only make the problems worse.

The other negative story about poo transplants is that they made recipients fat. The reason was that a healthy ‘fat’ donor was used. You could call it dom. This had already been demonstrated in a previous study with mice .

It was ignored that this is proof that copying or cloning someone else’s intestinal flora works. The emphasis was placed on getting fat.

From the moment you send in your stool for the test, until the moment you are preparing the faeces. There is a lot of time between, where the donor can easily pick up a pathogene..

More and more people are getting started themselves and eagerly sharing tests and methods online. But no one does a re-examination! It is also impossible to do as an individual. Yet more and more people do it themselves and therefore you unfortunately get more false information and negative stories about side effects.

Our donors obviously have a fast metabolism and been screened multiple times before the stock is released

On our site you can read the experiences of people who have used our poo capsules . We have not yet received any negative feedback, not even from the people who did not like the transplant. Side effects have not yet been reported. After purchase you will receive a code where you can also leave your experience. You can read international experiences on the site of .

In a movie (from minute 10.15) of Tros Radar you can hear some experiences of the test cases that were there in the hospital, also with ulcerative colitis.

poeppillen bestellen

Despite the good results, the hospital remains hesitant and reluctant to use this method and prefers to use medicines.

Please note: Because there is no further research and therefore a transplant has not been clinically proven, the purchase of the poop capsules and what you do with them is entirely at your own responsibility. Therefore, read the terms and conditions carefully before signing them.


Great experience – Marco was extremly helpful, the best customer service I ever experienced in an online shop. And most importantly: The FMT definetly helped me with my health struggles.


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