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Shipping and delivery


Every Monday afternoon the outstanding orders are packed and made ready for shipment.

DO IT YOURSELF PACKAGES: are picked up at Mondays by our Fedex courier. Send in a shipping box 25x20x10 cm.

FMT: The Fedex courier comes to pick up the packages every Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm. If you order a larger package, you can store the capsules for a few days longer (in the closed EPS box). And you have less stress if a shipment is delayed.


You can track your package by e-mail (including a tracking number). In the cardboard box you will find an EPS box sealed with our tape. First read the letter and the instructions regarding dry ice carefully. This EPS box is filled with dry ice to keep the capsules at a good temperature (-79 degrees). Dry ice loses 15% of its volume in 24 hours. As long as the jar is under the dry-ice you can save it.


For products where hygiene is important, these products cannot be returned for reasons of health protection if the seal is broken after delivery.

If our product is not delivered in good condition, you can contact our customer service. We advise you to film the opening of the shipping box and EPS box or to immediately take a clear photo of the condition of the package upon receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can contact us via our contact form or by e-mail at info[@] .


e can be reached by phone from Monday to Wednesday between 12:00 and 14:00 on 0031 6 22226118.