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No that is not necessary. Do you want to gain insight into what the transplant has done to you? Then you can choose to purchase an intestinal flora test package.

Find out if your problems could be caused by a disturbed intestinal flora. If there is a link between them then a transplant may help.

I have been medication free since late 2014. Haven’t seen an MDL doctor or a doctor in the years since and also nice, no co-payment health insurance. I took another serving of poop capsules from my first donor after a year together with my first test group. If I ever notice that I am feeling less fit again or that I am having problems with my stomach and stool, then I will take another portion from a new (different) donor.

My cousin, with diabetes 2, had been looking forward all morning to the Big Mac he was going to get afterwards… If you exercise very fanatically, for example, you must also rest well, eat well and drink enough water, otherwise a large part of the work done will have been for nothing. It’s the same with the intestinal bacteria. You have to keep feeding them well. If you eat healthy you can indeed eat anything. If you eat unhealthy make an appointment with a nutritionist.

Do you have a food allergy be extra careful with the food! Do a food intolerance test first as a precaution.

I am not a doctor or physician and cannot advise anything. My thought process when I did it was as follows; My body is now receiving medication for bad gut flora. I am now taking a healthy gut flora. Do I let it fight against my bad gut flora or fight against my bad gut flora and the medications?

We are not allowed to advise anything. Because poop transplants are still sensitive in the medical community, the responsibility lies entirely with you and you are expected to do your own research.

No you can’t. Poop is not medicine.


We test according to the requirements of the NDFB bank and the EU. But then more often, more extensively and stricter. The result is discussed with our doctor. If something is not right in the test (or the pre-questionnaire), a donor is NOT used. The donors we use have passed the test and are retested for faeces every month, or earlier if in doubt. Blood is tested every 2 months, or sooner if in doubt. Information on what we test for can be found under the heading ‘intestinal flora testing donor’ ¬†on the page darfmlora tests.

That is easy to test. You can request this online and a test costs around 95 euros.

If there are intestinal flora-related diseases within the donor’s family, a donor will already lose weight. We are always looking for donors. Read the blog “the ideal donor” and the intestinal flora testing page for more information.

Our cost to test a donor is around 1500 euros. Unfortunately, in most cases a general practitioner refuses a health test. If you manage to do that, you will lose your own contribution to the health insurance fund. If you then also calculate the extra costs for production and the material, you will exceed the amount we ask for. On the other hand, we understand that a trusted donor can also be pleasant and perhaps your donor (if living in the Bulb Region and between the ages of 15 and 30) can join us. Mail us for the possibilities.

Offcourse!Everything we test the donors for can be found under the heading ‘testing gut flora donor’, on the testing gut flora page. We use this questionnaire and the associated tests. The energy that a donor has is very important to us and we also look at discipline, stability, environment, metabolism. Don’t forget that the founder himself has benefited from a poo transplant. And that he himself also has an interest in a good donor, if necessary.

This is possible if there are no intestinal flora related diseases in his family. If your man is over 30 years old, the chance of parasites and the like increases. Mail us for the possibilities.

We keep the donors anonymous. Of course the donors are very involved and they read their corresponding reviews. Mail us the form in which you want to thank the donor and we will make sure that it ends up with the right donor.


You can only order online in our shop. You will find the procedure under the heading customer service/ordering and payment.

Through our payment system you can pay via the usual methods. You will find the procedure under the heading customer service/ordering and payment.

We send in standard boxes for abroad. There is enough dry-ice (14,5 kilo) for the package to make it save until Friday. With delay we monitor your package and will request ad FedEx to do a dry-ice add-up. For special request send us an email.

This can be done up to 24 hours in advance. Until Sunday 16.59. Yyou can log in to our system and cancel your order, the amount of the order will then be automatically refunded.


We always send on Mondays. In a 14,5 kilo dry-ice box. We do this because there are always some packages that has delay. We monitor the transport and will request a dry-ice fill up when we see the delivery will not be done before the weekend. If you receive the package on time but you want to take the product on a later date, and your dry-ice is running out. We suggest to order dry-ice in your own country and do a fill up on Friday. As long as the product is under the dry-ice, you can save it.

This can be done up to 24 hours in advance. You can log in to our system until 16.59 on Sunday and change the delivery date.

Yes, we send in and outside to the EU with FedEx. We even send to the UK and USA!


After thawing the capsules, it is no longer possible to refreeze the capsules. For products where hygiene is important, these products cannot be returned for reasons of health protection if the seal is broken after delivery.

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