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Test yourself!

FMT is the replenishment of missing bacteria with the aim of restoring the balance in your intestinal flora, ‘your ecosystem’.

Nowadays, a microbiome test can be used to map out what your ecosystem looks like.

We have been measuring for years which ‘pathogens’ live in your body with a pathogen test. After 4 years of intensive collaboration with MGlab & Advies, we can finally offer you a microbiome test and a pathogen test. 

In addition, our team is being expanded with Orthomolecular therapist, kPNI therapist and former top athlete Annette ter Heijden!

Please note:

With the microbiome test, there is no time limit and we already put it in a return envelop for you.

A pathogen test needs to be send back with 24 hour service to Leeuwarden in a blanco letter size envelop by FedEx. (around 50 euros) This means on this day you also need to fill the samples for the laboratory.

We are working hard to get it in a return envelop as well.

Microbiome. Test your inner world! (Only in the netherlands! EU is coming soon..)

We now know that the microbiome is your own ecosystem, which is responsible for your climate.

You are the host of this organism. If you take good care of them, all those bacteria will take good care of you!

This organism is, as far as we know, a network of 100 trillion bacteria. There are as many as 10,000 species. Of which everyone should have about 600. Of these, 30 types are essential!

Your microbiome is a network of links that communicate with each other and even with your brain. (I’m hungry. I’m full, or I have to go to the bathroom, butterflies in your stomach, etc.!)

Each link has a task and nature is so smart that there is a group of bacteria available for every task. If you miss a species, for example due to long-term or frequent use of antibiotics, this does not have to be a problem. But if at some point you miss all types of that one link, then that task will no longer be performed!

If a link is missing, you can compare it to a radar in a Swiss watch that stops working. Your clock still works, but suddenly this function no longer works, then suddenly the next function no longer works, etc.

And that’s not the only problem. Because species have disappeared, other bacteria, good or bad, have room to (over)grow. Your intestinal flora, your ecosystem has become out of balance…

Overgrowth can be compared to an animal in an ecosystem that suddenly no longer has any enemies.

Click here for a microbiome test:

You will receive exactly the same microbiome report as our donors. This way you can see which of the donors you have the best chance of success with. Bacteria species that you miss/have lost, you want as many of them as possible from the donor. Bacteria species that have overgrown with you are the ones you want least from the donor.

Please note: We only know half of the microbiome. testresults can take up to a month.

Pathogens: Test the pathogens in your body.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid contracting pathogens. A parasite, for example, is common and very contagious. If someone has that and hasn’t washed their hands, and then makes you a nice sandwich…

There are of course many types of pathogens.

Click here for the pathogen tests:

You will receive an overview of MGlab & advice with a clear explanation and with a natural therapy or tips about the pathogens found. Most tests are performed using the PCR technique.

Click here for an explanation of the PCR tests by our lead laboratory technician

Annette ter Heijden,

In the field of nutrition, pathogens and the microbiome, Annette is the right place for you. The first helpline of our lab!

A real expert in the field of ‘nutrition for the intestines’ and also a top athlete herself.

Request an online intro conversation with Annette!


Through a questionnaire and a conversation, Annette can give specific advice on what you can best test for and you can discuss a treatment plan with her if necessary.

Annette has more than 20 years of experience in the field of ‘nutrition for the intestines’ and gives lectures and workshops. In personal guidance, she helps you think and reflect and provides you with tips to make nutrition feasible and effective in your own situation. The output is of course up to you!

Annette is very familiar with pathogen testing and is familiar with the developments of a new phenomenon, the microbiome report.

She has joined forces with fellow KPNI Therapist Jolanda Dorenbos. Together they founded and teach therapists, dieticians and doctors.

Jolanda has 25 years of experience and is the author of the book ‘OER strong cooking’.

Please note: Because there is no further research and therefore a transplant has not been clinically proven, the purchase of the poo capsules and the intestinal flora packages, and what you do with them, is entirely at your own responsibility. Therefore, read the terms and conditions carefully before signing them.


Great experience – Marco was extremly helpful, the best customer service I ever experienced in an online shop. And most importantly: The FMT definetly helped me with my health struggles.


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Marco was very helpful and friendly throughout this process. I came to Amsterdam all the way from Canada and was in a bit of a rush to have it done. He delivered it himself the next day and stayed with me as I took them. Also giving me advice on how to follow up to… Read more »