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About was founded by Marco Kleijn. An experienced expert in the field of poo transplants by means of capsules. He himself got Crohn’s disease in his nineteenth year, just before his debut in professional football in 1993. He begged his doctor to remove the diseased piece of intestine (which did not happen) and was first in line with every new ‘potential’ drug for his disease ( which didn’t help). Everything to achieve his goal of becoming a professional football player. But his dream was eventually tackled by this disease. By continuing to exercise and adjusting his diet, he got the disease fairly under control. But the knowledge of having to take drugs for the rest of his life, he was not interested in that. After discovering, researching and independently performing the phenomenon of faecal transplantation, he immediately felt more energy in his body the next day. His MDL doctor, who together with his team was very enthusiastic about this transplant beforehand, immediately wrote him out of his system after a month (in the year 2015). All the inflammation had disappeared from his body. To this day, he has never heard from his MDL doctor. Marco was not supported by official bodies, because he had acted without a doctor. The knowledge that twenty-eight years later, a new Crohn’s patient still has to go through the same medical mill, is a kick in the sore leg for Marco. If he had had a poo transplant then, he would have had a fair chance to advance his career. Who knows how many lives are unnecessarily turned upside down by this disease with such a simple natural solution at hand?

Marco designed the capsules method himself, with the advantage that he could go to a pharmacist friend for materials, help and advice. He gave a voluntary test group a free treatment of which 75% a positive result achieved. After these results were also achieved in the next group, Marco started looking for several donors. He believes that if one gut flora type doesn’t work, there is still a chance with a different gut flora type treatment. With the first person where this was tested, this theory also proved to be valid. He was able to search for multiple donors thanks to the financial support of a friend. In the meantime, he has a team behind him with: a general practitioner, a pharmacist, a blood laboratory, a faeces laboratory, a naturopathic doctor and young healthy donors.

Marco is not a doctor or physician and will never take the place of medical or healthcare professionals. He will never provide medical advice or make a medical diagnosis. Contact will therefore be kept to a minimum.

The age-old phenomenon of ‘poo transplants’ has not yet been ‘clinically’ proven.

In addition to his own positive experience, the results of a voluntary test group and the feedback from people who have gone through the same process, Marco has consulted with doctors, laboratory technicians, orthomolecular therapists, pharmacists and a respiratory specialist.