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Thank you for taking the time to read this page. We hope that you are the ideal person we are looking for or that you know that ideal donor!

With us you don’t have to donate money, kidney, heart or lung. We ask for something that you flush every day! And that is a shame if you belong to the 4% of humanity that has a healthy intestinal flora. You can help a large part of the other 96% of people to also get a healthy intestinal flora.

We don’t even ask you to donate it, we give you a generous compensation for your time, effort and for your daily bowel movements. And for the mathematicians among us, a healthy intestinal flora means that you have to do a big errand once and sometimes twice a day.

An ideal donor is someone who: Cheerfully goes through his stable life, is rarely ill, has never or rarely used antibiotics, also has no intestinal flora related diseases within the family, eats and drinks healthy. Does not smoke, does not drink alcohol and does not use medicines or drugs, has a fast metabolism, is cared for, has not been in risk areas in the past six months and has not had a tattoo during that period, moves sufficiently and takes his rest at the right times.

Age 15-30 years

Do you recognize yourself in this? Or do you know someone who fits this ideal picture?

Mail us! 

What is it used for?

If you have passed the selection, we can use your stool daily. After your donation (preferably on location) your faeces are immediately mixed, sieved and processed in our gastro-resistant capsules. Then they go into our lab freezer and are stored at –80 degrees. People who have problems due to an unhealthy/disturbed intestinal flora can take over your intestinal flora after taking the capsules, after which the immune system slowly recovers, and the problems can disappear. These can be people with minor complaints but also very serious ones.

Actually all ‘gut flora related’ complaints. And there are many!


How does it work?

Our location is in Hillegom (nearby Schiphol) and you are asked to donate on location. If you live nearby, you can also collect the faeces at home if you drop it off immediately afterwards. It is necessary that the faeces are processed in the capsules within 2 hours. The tests you have had are officially valid for 2 months, we will test your faeces again after a month. If the results of your intestinal flora are good with the recipients, you can continue to donate with us as long as you are approved every time. In addition, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle during the donation and that you keep us honestly informed about your physical and mental condition. The daily allowance you receive, depends on weight. But what you now flush every day yields an average of 50 euros!


Do you live further away, or maybe somewhere else in Europe? Then you will receive a short training in the process ‘from faeces to capsules’. A hygienic space is created in your living environment and we provide you with the necessary equipment. In practice, this means that you start making the capsules immediately after you visit the toilet. Your daily allowance will then be doubled! This daily process takes an hour and a half.

What are you being tested for?

We only call an intestinal flora healthy if you have successfully completed the following process:

By phone/mail:

You will first receive a questionnaire by e-mail to complete. You will be asked some uncomfortable questions, but that’s just the way it is. All risks to recipients must be excluded. If your questionnaire looks good, a personal and confidential interview will follow.

From the jar to the mail:

First, your  stool will be tested. We will send you a mailing envelope containing two tubes to fill. Work clean when you fill the tube and post it the same day (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday). You will hear the results within a week. When something is found, the investigation immediately stops.

By bike to the prikpost:

Finally, your  blood will be  tested.

We make the request and you will receive a form by email. Blood will send you a medical mailing envelope. You then make an appointment at a screening center near you (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). You will receive the tubes and put them directly in the mailing envelope, together with the forms, in the post.

Our full list is always tested here.

For both tests we have a collaboration with two laboratories. They don’t know who they are testing. You remain anonymous throughout the process.

Are there any advantages for you if you do not pass the inspection?

They certainly are. We prefer top athletes as donors. This means we know that you are doing everything you can to be fit for that one top performance. If during the tests it appears that you have a parasite, for example, you can do something about it. In this way, a number of percentage gains are again achieved. A well-known example of this is Tom Dumoulin. His problems during his rides turned out to be solved by tackling his parasites.

Are there any benefits if you are approved?

There are those too. If you are approved, a stock of your donations will be stored in our laboratory freezer. Do you have to play a match abroad and do you come back with intestinal flora problems? Or do you have problems with your stomach in the week before that important game? Then your healthy intestinal flora is waiting for you in our freezer! Just like the recipients, you will remain sober until 12:00. Take your own faecal capsules and remain sober for another two hours. Your intestinal flora will immediately start to recover.



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I received the DF3 which I believe has benefitted me, but I probably need more transplantations. Everything went well for me, no side effects. Marco is also very helpful, and answered all of my questions with care. Highly recommended!