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Review from Jasper

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15 years ago, when I spent a long time abroad, I was given several courses of antibiotics in a row without thinking about it. In some countries these are prescribed quite quickly. Shortly after my return to the Netherlands I slowly started to develop symptoms, such as inability to tolerate milk, gluten, yeast and alcohol. This worsened more and more, until I eventually developed a rash and even intestinal bleeding. I struggled with this for two years, until a replacement doctor said that this was not good and that I should immediately go to a gastroenterologist.

After intestinal examinations, the gastroenterologist determined that I had Ulcerative Colitis. I was assured that there was nothing to do but learn to live with it, and I was sent home with ‘anti-inflammatory’ pills. I didn’t give up and started a strict dieting and exercising. This gave me reasonable control and I was even able to live without pills, only using them for sporadic bleeding. During annual check-ups I kept asking whether FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplantation) was already a possibility, but time and time again I was told that this was only being investigated as a test in university hospitals and the results were not yet sufficient. There was nothing possible that I qualified for.

Fast forward nine years and three gastroenterologist specialists later, where each specialist put me on different medication, with the last medication with the strongest anti-inflammatory medication, things got completely out of hand. At first things seemed to get better, but after a while I could no longer do without the pills. I continued to bleed continuously, which seriously affected my mood and energy, resulting in severe depression, irritability and worsening of my rash. 

Completely done with what my gastroenterology specialists had to offer me, I continued to delve deeper into the FMT theory and ended up on this website, My intestines were in very bad shape and I had lost confidence in my gastroenterologist. So I took a leap of faith and ordered FMT donation capsules. After the first treatment I felt energetic again, my irritability and bleeding disappeared in an instant, it really felt like a boost. Unfortunately, this only lasted two weeks before the first bleeding occurred again and I slowly felt myself sink back into low energy levels.

I discussed the effect it had with Marco from and I decided to try a double treatment. The first time felt like it worked, but I probably had so many bad intestinal bacteria that the good bacteria could not survive for long. With the double treatment, the wow effect was less noticeable, and the bleeding continued to come back sporadically, but less intensely and they resolved on their own. Fast forward a few months and I haven’t felt this good in years, without bleeding. I am slowly expanding my diet again to see what my intestines can handle now. To be sure, I did another FMT treatment as a boost to speed up the process.

Today I can consume milk, gluten and alcohol without any problems, and I have had no more bleeding or inflammation. I can say with certainty that it helped me enormously, really life-changing.