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Review from Andrea

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The liquid gold! For more than five years I have had a form of IBS that is related to histamine / mast cell complaints. Chronic intestinal complaints and being able to eat almost nothing without being bothered by it. Endlessly one diet, supplements and medication after another, nothing resulted in lasting improvement and less and less quality of life. In the past, I had to use a lot of antibiotics, which most likely seriously disrupted my population of gut bacteria. After a rejection from an MDL doctor to talk about a possible faecal transplant, I finally ended up on Marco’s site. I have now had three transplants and I did not dare to hope that it would give me this result! I had quite a few side effects in the first few days, abdominal pain, tired, headache and ragged. The body goes into resistance, and this was a good sign. At the moment hardly any stomach pain, I am gaining weight again, have more energy and dare to eat more and more without being bothered by it! Now working on making my body stronger and fitter again, so that I can also become mentally stronger again. Marco is a kind and helpful man, I am extremely grateful to him for what he does, his commitment in this complicated process of finding and retaining donors to help people achieve better health. He excels at what the regular circuit has been researching for years and what is far from being available to people like me. Endlessly grateful!