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Review from Frederik (Denmark)

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My sincere thanks to you! (Marco and donor). Words cannot describe how grateful I am to finally be able to live a normal life.
I’ve suffered from IBS for ~6 years now, with 3-15 loose bowel movements EVERY day, often with mucus too.
The day I took the 24 FMT capsules, I felt an instant change in my gut. I didn’t go to the toilet for the next 3 days, ~72 hours! (Mind you, I used to go 3-15 times per day!)
My mood improved immediately, I felt energised again, more peaceful, joyful and I started cleaning up the house. Massive change physically as well as mentally.
I had my first normal bowel movement 3 days after taking the FMT, for the first time in 6 years! (Bristol chart type 3/4).
Since then I have been going regularly once per day (occasionally twice), always having type 3 or 4 on the bristol chart.
It’s been a month now, and if anything it seemed to improve even more with time as everything is settling. I did have a food poisening a couple of days after FMT on christmas morning, but even that I recovered from!
I can digest large amounts of fiber now, I’ve even had up to 60g of fiber on some days with zero issues. I avarage around 40g per day now and feel great, which I could never digest before the FMT.
I seem to be more sensitive to lactose since the FMT for some reason, so I’ve changed to lactose free dairy and have zero issues. In MY OPINION it may be wise to stay away from common intolerance foods when you get your FMT, so you are able to gauge whether any food tolerances change, and don’t mistakingly think the FMT itself isn’t working. Then when you slowly re-introduce, you are able to better discern patterns.
I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product, it has turned my life around completely for the better. I may choose to go for an extra dose just to have peace of mind in knowing that I’ve gotten everything out of it that I can. But I am 100% free from IBS, and don’t “need” an extra dose, other than it feels like a mental reassurance, after suffering for 6 years.
I was planning on studying dentistry, but since this cured me, I seem to be headed for microbiology instead. Hoping to be able to make this more available to the general public and raise awareness on FMT as treatment.
Thank you again Marco and donor!