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Review from Sas Hof

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After I contracted food poisoning while on holiday in the tropics, intestinal complaints started. Bloating, hair loss, fatigue and later weight loss. Through the doctor I ended up with several gastroenterologists who could not help me and could not find a cause. I was told it was IBS and had to learn to live with it. Then Covid came and that was a real attack on my body – everything I ate remained in my stomach, even more weight loss, paralyzing fatigue and after eating eggs, for example, a bad smell that I exhaled. Think of a sulphurous, rotten egg smell, extremely pungent that others could also smell. I was desperate and through an acquaintance I found a naturopath who, after a blood and stool test, diagnosed me with severe dysbiosis and leaky gut. She prescribed supplements that my body apparently desperately needed because I had more energy within a few weeks. Still, I continued to suffer from diarrhea (c.diff) and remembered that I had once read something about an FMT. I came across this site via Google and decided to contact Marco after reading a number of reviews. On his advice, I decided to try an enema. It was better not to take the capsules because of the leaky gut, which is understandable. My order was delivered on Tuesday before 12 noon and there was enough dry ice for a few days. I decided to do the FMT on Thursday and I have to say it wasn’t too bad for me. The next day the difference was noticeable: no more diarrhea and much more peace in my stomach. Now, more than 8 weeks later, I am still doing well, I can eat everything again without diarrhea and I am exercising again! I also eat a lot more vegetables because, strangely enough, my body ‘requests’ them. I think the leaky gut is finally healing and the FMT has helped.