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Review from Annelies Goedbloed

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Darmflora 1


On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, I will receive FMT together with my son between 11 am and 12 noon.

That day I can ‘throw away’. Tiredness predominates. I’m getting nowhere. I decide to delete all my appointments from my calendar and turn on Netflix with a cup of tea and a blanket. At the end of the afternoon, the 22 pills seem to get into my gut and get to work. That does make me happy. I feel a bit better already.

Thursday 11 March I wake up early and before the alarm clock. Fresh and cheerful.

My stools are different, darker, different smell and a little firmer. The day is pleasant, but in the evening tired again. I decide to go to bed early.

Friday 12 March is a repeat of the previous day. Glad the weekend is almost here. That day I go to the toilet twice. It looks like a waste disposal. The remarkable thing is that I am very happy those days. In a conversation with Marco he indicates that the new donor is also very cheerful. In the afternoon I pick up my son who has done the FMT because of his Crohn’s. Biggest difference: its color. He looked a lot healthier. Not all complaints have disappeared at once, but for a while they will. He looks at it for a while and then maybe goes for another dose. We had a very pleasant evening together and laughed a lot.

Saturday March 13th and my son, who stayed with us, slept really well too. He still feels tired but helps me on the case all day.

Sunday 14 March and I slept well and my stools are fine that day. A lso the Tuesday and Wednesday after that. I am curious about the results of my intestinal flora tests that I have had. In 5 weeks I will send my stool again and I am very curious about the differences. After a week it still feels good after FMT. The same goes for my son. The long-term result is not yet there, it is still too short a day for that, but it is hopeful.

Annelies Goedbloed.