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Review from Lisa

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I am a 41-year-old woman and have had complaints of various kinds for quite some time. For years I had abdominal pain, always located in 1 place, left at the height of my navel (the place where your large intestine makes a twist). It started with a stomachache in that specific spot if I had used too much olive oil when preparing food or had spicy chips. I mainly suffered from nagging stomach pains at night and in the morning. Very annoying because it made me sleep badly. This was becoming more and more frequent. Had all kinds of tests, including a colonoscopy. Nothing came out of this. I probably had an irritable bowel. But that didn’t make the stomach ache go away. I had not eaten meat for a long time, but then decided to stop eating gluten and to consume less dairy products. I also went to a homeopath. All this resulted in a little less abdominal pain and that’s what I had to do. Then I heard about poo transplants through the media and I ended up at Marco Kleijn. I read carefully and decided to go for it.

Another complaint was that I felt like my hormones were changing. I menstruated irregularly. I don’t have children, not necessarily the wish, but I was curious if that would still work at all or if I was already in the menopause. Because I was called up for a smear, I also immediately had my hormones checked. This resulted in the following values:

Date 19-11-18

FSH 29 / LH 11 / Oestra 146

These are values ​​associated with the onset of menopause. The results of my smear showed that I had PAP 2. I had to come back in six months for a check-up.

On December 8, 2018 I had my first poo transplant. You have to be sober for this. Guided by Marco, I took 20 frozen capsules with plenty of water. After 2 hours I was allowed to eat again. I didn’t get any stomach pains or other complaints and I didn’t have to go to the toilet until the next day. It smelled different, but not bad.

In that first week I noticed that my abdominal pain was less frequent and after 6 weeks already 90% improved. I decided to repeat the course in week 8 again.

I still have to be careful with products such as olive oil and spicy food (yeast extract), but my intestines have become a lot more stable. Rarely have abdominal pain.

Last month I went back to the gynecologist for a second smear and was again tested for my hormone levels. This at my request, because my periods had returned to normal in recent months. I now menstruate every 26 days.

The cervical cancer examination (smear) revealed that I had PAP 1. My body cleaned up the troubled cells itself, so I was very happy about that. It was completely bizarre that my hormone levels were back to normal.

Date 16-05-19

FSH 5.0 / LH 2.0 / Oestra 844

The gynecologist shared my opinion and said she had never seen this before. I told her that I had had a poo transplant, where upon she said that the microbiome in your body is super important for all kinds of processes and that very little research has been done on this.