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Review from Bethan Phipps

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I was diagnosed this year with Ulcerative Colitis. In the last 5 months, I have been in a flare-up which gave me painful cramps, blood and slime in my stool, with about 15 trips to the wc per day and little to no energy. I was on a colitis diet up until and all through this process, losing a total of 14 kg. The only thing the hospital was able to do for me in the netherlands was keep increasing my medication which only made me incontinent.

I am SO thankful I found Marco and his product. I had read research on fecal matter transplants but either the quality was low, or the prices ran into up to 10K per treatment. He suggested I try it, but with my heavy flare up, I would perhaps need more than one dose. I have had now 3 doses, in the first dose I was MORE exhausted for 2 days, on day 4 I had my FIRST actual bowel movement that wasn’t painful/watery/bloody (my husband and I were celebrating). It has only gotten better since then. My stool has improved, my energy gets better day by day and I am off all the medication from the hospital. This is all in 4 weeks. Marco has been, for want of a better word, a life saver. He has been responsive to my emails, helpful, he shared his own story with me and what he is doing for people is nothing short of miracle work. I feel like I have a safety net now, that if I flare up again I have somewhere to go.
Thank you Marco!!