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I have had abdominal complaints for years, too fast bowel movements, often going to the toilet with often loose stools. I also suffer from insomnia a lot. After research it turned out that I was producing far too little melatonin. (this is made from serotonin, which is produced in the intestines). I have regularly had antibiotics in the past and in 2013 I was irradiated 24 times to the abdomen. The doctors then told me that loose, mucous stools are quite common with this treatment. I have read a lot about poop transplants and have always been curious about whether this could help me get rid of my restless stomach/insomnia, hence my choice to try this product. I had 2 loads 2 weeks apart. My stools were different immediately after the first load. I had to go to the toilet once/sometimes twice/day (instead of 7 or 8 times). It was also better shaped and floated less. Once or twice there has been a relapse to loose stools, but in general my stomach is much calmer, as is the stool pattern. Charge 2 did not make a noticeable difference. When it comes to sleeping, I don’t dare to draw any conclusions yet, but I am convinced that better intestinal flora is the basis for working on health on all kinds of fronts, so I would like to let you know at a later date whether my sleeping pattern improves over time .