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Review from Loessie

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Of course I was alert about online scams and misleading advertising. But the need was so great (I have many bowel-related complaints), that I took a chance and ordered a dose, partly because Marco quickly removed the doubt through his honest and open contact with me. Then I was afraid of a bad or late delivery by the delivery service, which would defrost everything. After all, it is a considerable amount. But that doubt was soon over with willingness and extra promises from Marco, as well as other small bumps on my part. Nevertheless, I went to get it myself and everything was correct, address, a facade photo sent to me, etc. etc. Now the intake and effect: The day after taking it, which went perfectly, the stools were as they should be for the first time in ages, the color was clearly lighter, and my stomach was much less swollen. I didn’t feel tired. I did sleep better the first few nights than before. Yet I did not notice any lasting improvement in my condition. Therefore, I ordered and took a second dose. The next day I was very tired and lethargic. That was part of the image, so I hoped it would really catch on and preferably have a little more effect. But even after that I haven’t noticed much effect so far. I have no regrets for the time being and hope that it will prove its worth in the long run, because it seems impossible to me that after my complaints, which developed during my adult years (I am 70), an improvement could occur within 6 weeks. Time will tell. Dear Marco, thank you for your help, you are doing a good job. Much success in the future.