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Review from Hülya

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Donor 'vegetarisch'

I know Marco from the past, from the time when I was still healthy and carefree through life!! Long evenings out, eating and drinking whatever I felt like!

After years our paths crossed again and we started talking. I told him about my health problems, mainly fatigue, stomachaches from morning to night and countless allergies that started out of nowhere.

After various alternative treatments and countless hospital visits to the internist, I was completely through and distraught… Marco recognized many of my complaints and asked if I had heard of a poo transplant! Disgusting. Yes I had heard about that but I could not afford such a treatment, let alone that I would be eligible for it through my internist! He already saw me coming while he would rather see me leave… he just got sick of me 🙂

One thing led to another and there I was with 20 capsules of full of good shit. In the beginning I hardly noticed anything… except that my bowel movements smelled different!

After 3 months I repeated the treatment and within 2 weeks I immediately felt an improvement, my bowel movements were no longer a concern, no abdominal pain or a bloated stomach and I could go to the gym again! Now a year later I am enjoying life again and I am healthy and fit.

I am very grateful to Marco for making this treatment accessible.

Thank you Marco!