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Review from Caitlin (UK)

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Marco is very helpful, honest, informative, responsive to emails and took time to speak with me on the telephone. The capsules, packaging and instructions arrived as described.
I am 48 and have experienced daily bowel issues beginning in childhood: abdominal pain, bloating and distention, constipation, cramps, anxiety and sometimes diarrhea. I was previously diagnosed with IBS (25yrs ago) and SIBO (8 yrs ago), and have tried many diets, supplements, natural and allopathic medicines, treatments and protocols, some of which worsened my situation.
When I took the capsules I was constipated, and during the 2 wks after I had increased bloating and continued to be constipated. But, although my belly was very distended I had less pain, cramps and anxiety. I also experienced flatulence for several wks after the FMT, which is not a usual symptom for me. It has been 9 wks since I took the FMT and I feel the constipation is better and there is improvement in the cramps, anxiety and my energy levels.
Marco suggested that as I was previously diagnosed with SIBO it would have been better to use an enema instead of capsules. I plan to do the FMT again soon, using the enema.