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Do you need an antibiotic treatment soon? And are you super careful with your microbiome?!

Antibiotics are a fantastic invention and have saved many lives. But what happens to the bacteria in the intestinal flora? It is now common knowledge that the healthy bacteria are unfortunately also affected by antibiotics. The problem may have been solved, but about the recovery of the intestinal flora? That is not being addressed yet.

This ‘do it yourself package’ is intended to store your own intestinal flora.

The big advantage over ‘fmt from a donor’ is that there is no risk of taking over someone else’s pathogens. Note: If you have to take antibiotics because of problems in the intestines, then don’t do this, you put the problem back..

Capsules open after passing through the stomach. Your intestinal flora goes through your entire intestinal tract. Enemas only reach the rectum, where 80% of your intestinal flora lives. Capsule package is more difficult to make but more effective. In addition, the capsules method is easier and more pleasant to execute.

Content capsules package         Content klysma package

Spuit 100 ml.                                                                      Spuit 60 ml 3x
Natriumchloride 100 ml                                                      150ml fles + dop   
100ml fles + dop                                                                 Natriumchloride 150 ml
MSR capsules 72 stuks                                                      Katheter 3x
Capsules transparant 80+ stuks                                         Zeef
Zeef                                                                                     Bak
Bak                                                                                      Gloves 2x
Gloves 2x                                                                            Bottle scraper
3 opslagpotjes                                                                   description + drawing 
Bottle scraper
description + drawing 

Other supplies needed:

Clean work area, mixer, hot water, drain, kitchen roll, waste bag

The importance of a rich intestinal flora.

You have 10,000 species of bacteria. All with their own task. The more of each type, the better, for example, your food is absorbed. The better the tasks are done. If everything is well represented, your body will function optimally. If species are missing, or if there is a species with only few members, other bacteria can partly take over the task. As a result, their task can be performed less effectively. Problems arise with your body that can get worse from now on. Research shows that over the years, the Western lifestyle has already given us a less rich intestinal flora. Have you been aware of this for years, and have always been careful with your intestinal flora. Then you know that an attack is being made on that with that upcoming use of antibiotics.


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Christian (Germany)

I am Christian a 26 year old guy with gut problems like diarrhea, bloating and gut inflammations since 10 years. Since about 4-5 years I have brain fog and cfs. I used fmts from DF2 (Enterotype Bacteroides) because there is no medicine that helped me before. After I did the fmt a few days later I… Read more »